The IFLA Global Vision in Persian Translation


IFLA Global Vision, the outcome of 185 regional and national workshops, initiated in 2017, and attended by 31,000 librarians from 192 UN member states, was first published on the IFLA Website in March 2018.  The text of the Vision has been issued in English and 16 other languages. The Persian rendition of the full text, translated from English by Ms. Mahbubeh Ghorbani and Ms. Saeideh Darian and edited by Mr. Ebrahim Afshar, is now available on the IFLA Website.

Following the second phase of the preparation of the Global Vision dedicated to collecting feedback and ‘Ideas for Action’ between March and July 2018, the final text of the Vision was presented at IFLA 2018 in Malaysia.

Promoting the motto of “Our Vision, Our Future: A Strong and United Library Field Powering Literate, Informed and Participative Society”, IFLA had also invited librarians around the world to provide their further input to the document by the end of September 2018.


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