21st International Storytelling Festival


The 21st International Storytelling Festival will be held in Tehran in end of November 2018 with the motto “Living Well Requires Practice.” Interested storytellers are expected to narrate their stories, with a moral and educational approach, on and around the themes of ‘the story of my life”, and “better life, sorrow and happiness” and reflect on lessons, teachings, efforts, friendships, and all that make ‘the story of my life’. As indicated in the Festival’s official call, foreign storytellers can also participate in the Festival and narrate their stories in two modes: “traditional” – classic – direct narration of stories and the modern – “creative storytelling” – assisted by audio/visual means.

The Introduction to official call for the Festival reads: “Every human being has a story of joys and sorrows, hardship and comfort, memories, enduring moments of childhood, bitter and sweet moments; stories, each of which, is a lesson for life.

All of us, during our life, and on a daily basis, narrate stories from this story-packed book; sometimes seeking sympathy through expression of our sufferings and some other times seeking compassion through expression of love and happiness.”


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