ILISA Awards


The Iranian Library and Information  Science Association (ILISA) will offer  this year, the third year in a row, three  national awards to support the endeavors  and works of Iranian researchers in  the specialized areas in the fields of librarianship  and information science.  The ILISA Research Committee has  prepared the necessary instructions – accessible  on the Association’s Website.

The guidelines provide detailed information  on the three national Awards,  the criteria for eligibility and application,  the criteria for evaluation, as well  as the criteria for their presentation.  The Awards carry the names of three  prominent and renowned figures in the fields  of librarianship and information science.

The title of these awards are entitled  as 3 Iranian library sciences honors:
1. The first Award has been named after  the late Abbas Horri, and is given to the  best work produced in the theoretical/  philosiphical field of information science.
2. The second award, named after the  late Pouri Soltani, will be given to the  producer of the best professional work or  device (including bibliography, software,  standards, handbook, etc) in the field of  librarianship and information science.
3. And the third award, named after Noorollah Moradi, will be presented to  the producer of the best work produced or  device in the feild of archive and preservation.

This year’s ceremony for presenting  the Awards will be held in October  in parallel with the fourth Congress of  the Information Science Experts of Iran.


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