Omani Visit to National Library and Archives of Iran


In mid-July 2018, Mohammad Hamad Aldhoyani, Director of the National Documents and Archives Organization of the Sultanate of Oman, accompanied by a delegation, paid a visit to the National Library and Archives of Iran (NLAI).

In the course of the visit, they also met with a number of NLAI officials. In the exchange with Fariborz Khosravi, NLAI Deputy for Research and Digital Resources, he informed the Omani delegation about the on-going work at the Library in the field of electronic documents. Referring to the difficulties involved in the collection of electronic archives, Khosravi said that the Library has already managed to meet five essential standards, and is determined to extend and universalize the implementation of these standards at the national level.

On his part, Aldhoyani also expressed the hope that the visit to NLAI would pave the way for increased cooperation between the two countries in fields of documents and cultural matters. He further underlined: “We want our cooperation with NLAI to be more than an ordinary liaison: we want to have our shared documents to be translated and presented to others”.

In the course of the visit, the two sides agreed on the following: the NLAI Department of Documents to provide a collection of its electronic documents to the Omani Organization, and in return, the Omani side to assist with the editing and completion of the current NLAI project of compilation of a trilingual (Persian, Arabic, and English) glossary.


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