4th Annual Congress of Information Science Experts: An Overview


Parinaz Babaei | The 4th annual Congress of Information Science Experts (ISE) will be held from 17-18 November 2018 in Tehran at the National Library and Archives of Iran (NLAI). The main theme of the Congress is “University Education Human Empowerment and professional Dynamism.” The Congress, first held in 2015, is a professional gathering intended to promote closer ties between the profession and academia.

The annual gathering aims at complementing academic, scientific, and research events organized by scientific associations, universities and research centers in the country. It also intends to facilitate and promote dialogue and exchange of views among experts, practitioners, academics and researchers.

The administration of the Congress consists of the following:Steering Committee;

  1. Policy-making Committee;
  2. Scientific Committee;
  3. Executive Committee; and
  4. Secretariat.

Following a 9-month preparatory process, the Congress takes place in mid-November.

The Scientific and Executive Committees are in charge of preparing the necessary reports on the annual event for the Board of Directors of Iran’s Association of Librarianship and Information Science, as well as for the subsequent publication of the proceedings of the Congress.

The first three events have been held on the following major themes: Information and Society – Services Provided by Libraries, Archives and M u s e u m s for Scientific Development (2015); “Free Access to Information and Citizens’ Rights” (2016); and “Conservation and Promotion of Written Heritage – Digital Heritage” (2017). The 4th Congress is in fact a sequel to the event in 2017 and tries to explore further the range of issues discussed previously.


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