Technical Sessions at the ISE Congress


Fattaneh Torkashvand & Atefeh Alizadeh | Technical sessions [panels] comprise the main, substantive part of the Congress of Information Science Experts, intended for exchange of views among experts and practitioners with a view to exploring practical solutions for the current and emerging difficulties and challenges.

The following list presents the title of the technical sessions [panels] of the annual event during its first three sessions (2015-2017). The abstract of each panel’s discussions and the articles presented is available on the iBulletin’s Website.

First Congress (2015)
1. Job-related issues of librarians and information science experts — Theme: Occupational motivation of librarians
2. Problems encountered by students and graduates — Theme: Creating a balance between quality and quantity in education
3. Review of indigenous experience in the field of standardization and performance assessment — Theme: Evaluation of the quality of library services and indigenous experiences
4. Issues related to information technology, libraries and science information centers — Theme: Utilization of technology in libraries
5. University libraries — Theme: University libraries, management of change and designing of new services
6. Issues related to the organization and accessibility of information in Iran — Theme: The most pressing issues concerning resource management in Iran
7. Management of public libraries — Theme: The organizational structure of public libraries in Iran
8. Issues related to scientometrics and ranking of universities — Theme: Sceintometrics and the ranking system in Iran
9. The librarians and libraries of medical faculties — Theme: The current status of medical science librarianship in clinical decision-makings and the prospects ahead
10. Information knowledge and empowerment of users as a new function for librarians — Theme: Empowerment of users; a new function for librarians

Second Congress (2016)
1- The opening session: free access to information — Theme: From slogans to reality
2- University libraries — Theme: The role of faculty members in the promotion and excellence of university libraries
3- Problems encountered by students and graduates — Theme: Emphasis on the problems encountered by graduates
4- Medical libraries and librarians — Theme: Transparency in the concept of clinical librarianship
5- Knowledge organization — Theme: Challenges in the equality improvement in information organization
6- Job-related issues of information science experts — Theme: Occupational issues of librarians: barriers for group activities
7- Museums — Theme: Problems and issues related to museums in the context of cultural heritage
8- Public libraries — Theme: Development of library services
9- Technology and innovation — Theme: A review of content-based businesses in Iran
10- Children’s and school libraries — Theme: The role of librarians in children’s and school libraries
11- Standards and evaluation — Theme: Quality management in information services: with the emphasis on electronic environment
12- Literacy in information — Theme: Promotion of self-empowerment
13- Green information — Theme: Library as a point of departure for thinking about environment
14- Archives and the related issues — Theme: Issues related to archives and document centers
15- Publication-related issues — Theme: Challenges in the publication of specialized journals in information science

Third Congress (2017)
1. The opening session — Theme: Conservation and promotion of written heritage -digital heritage
2. Management of research in the field of information — Theme: The law on the prevention and combating fraud in the production of scientific works
3. The National library and the current issues — Theme: The National Library’s policy vis-à-vis written and digital heritages
4. Specialized libraries — Theme: Redefining the status and role of specialized libraries in organizations
5. Green information — Theme: librarians as promoters of environment
6. Management of the quality of information services — Theme: Standards and indexes for the conservation process of digital and written resources
7. Scientometrics — Theme: The scattered state of reports on sceintometrics in Iran and the need for coordination among relevant centers
8. Issues and problems encountered by students and graduates — Theme: Emphasis on PhD candidates
9. The Librarianship Association and the related issues — Theme: A review of the rules of procedure of various branches of the Association
10. Organization of information and knowledge — Theme: Enhancement of the knowledge and skills of experts in resource organization
11. University libraries — Theme: The competence of managers and librarians in university libraries
12. Libraries and librarians in medical faculties — Theme: Challenges, opportunities, and the prospects for the education of medical librarianship
13. Public libraries — Theme: Public libraries as convention centers
14. Archives and document centers — Theme: Future archives
15. Children’s libraries — Theme: A child reader – a developed society
16. Publishing and the related issues — Theme: Review and critique of higher education policies vis-à-vis scientific journals
17. Innovation and emerging technologies — Theme: data governance in data-centered businesses
18. Literacy in information — Theme: the supportive role of school libraries in the expansion of information science in the educational system of Iran
19. Profession-related studies –Theme: Old and new jobs in the field of librarianship and outreach

Fourth Congress (2018)
Technical sessions [panels] comprise the main, substantive part of the 4th Congress of Information Science Experts are available at:



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