Ideas and Experiences in the ISE Congress


Elahe Hosseini & Najmeh Salemi | “Ideas and Experiences” is one of the most popular segments in ISE Congress. In this segment, interested participants can share their personal ‘ideas and experiences’ in the field of librarianship and relevant to the thematic topics of the Congress with the Scientific Committee. Once the received ‘ideas and experiences’ are examined by the Committee, the results are announced in three categories:

1.Those accepted for oral presentation during the Congress,
2. Those not accepted; and
3. Those accepted for submission to further peer review and possible publication in the Congress proceedings.

While the 1st and 2nd Sessions of the Congress did not receive any submissions, a total of 97 ideas were submitted to the 3rd Session (2017); of which 39 were rejected, 10 were accepted without any need for revision, 49 needed some revision for publication. The following 14 cases qualified for the final round and were announced as the selected works of the Congress:

• Digital Audio-visual Formats: Selection Criteria/ Ali Ghadimi and Sepideh Kabiri;
• Protection of Libraries in Times of Crisis: Reports of Experiences Presented at IFLA 2017/ Parisa Pasyar;
• Standardization of Conservation Processes of Digital and Written Resources Based on ISO 9001: The Experience of Husseiniyeh Ershad Public Library/Mehrnaaz Khorasanchi, Faramarz Masoudi, Bahareh Pour Hassan
• Cataloguing in Practice: From Anglo- American Experience in Iran to RDA in Australia /Abolfazl Gardeshi;
• Transition to RDA and Retraining of Cataloguing Librarians in Germany/ Leyli Erfanian;
• Five Years of Identification, Planning and Execution: Digital Protection Program in American libraries/ Fatemeh Rezaie;
• Explication of the Roles and Functions of Executive and Oversight Bodies in the Implementation of the Law on Publication and Free Access to Information in Iran /Fatemeh Houshi Dorri Farahani, Mohammad Hassan Zadeh;
• Child-centered Libraries: “Read With Me”: A New Way Towards the Promotion of a Culture of Book-reading /Zohreh Ghaeini;
• A Half-Century Experience of Reading Books in the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults/ Mina Haddadian;
• Verbal Information Behavior of Pre-School Children Through Information Literacy Training: The Results of Implementation in Three Pre-School Centers/Fatemeh Saleki Maleki;
• The Effectiveness of the Application of Big-6 Model in Teaching Experimental Sciences to 6th -Grade Students in the Improvement of Their Information Literacy Skills (implemented in schools in the City of Ahwaz/Fatemeh Baaji;
• The Plan Proposed by the Center for Economic Knowledge of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran/ Fatemeh Khoshnood;
• Project-based Learning: An Effective Way in Information Learning – A Case Study of Information Literacy Education in Students’ National Contest /Nasatran Pour Salehi, Farahnaz Soltani.


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