The Considerable Growth of Iranian Researchers List


Web of Science (WOS) published the Highly Cited Researchers List. In this list, the world’s most influential researchers who play key roles in sharing science across the international arena by highly being cited are identified and introduced. This list only considers the highly cited articles published in the science and social sciences journals, which have been published and cited in WOS website within 2006-2016. These articles are elicited from the Essential Science Indicators (ESI) and only a limited percent of superior researchers who have recorded articles in this website are appeared in the highly cited researchers list. There are 16 researchers from Iran in the list published on the most cited scientists of the world, which it has become more than doubled in contrast to what had been published last year. The subjective categories such as chemistry, mathematics and engineering, engineering, agricultural sciences and interdisciplinary fields are evident in this list. In the highly cited researchers list of 2018, there are 14 Islamic countries, which they were 11 and 7 countries in 2017 and 2016, respectively. It makes it clear that Muslim researchers are increasingly play more serious roles in the scientific arenas and it emphasizes their eye-catching growth.


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