Tanzania’s National Archive Experts in Iran


Tanzania’s National Archive experts, who had come to Iran to participate in a 5-day theoretical and practical training course on “maintaining and repairing paper works”, met Ashraf Broujerdi, the Director of National Library and Archives of Iran.

“We are tasked with completing a mission, which is achieving a shared understanding about the universe through interaction and dialogue. Iranian National Library and Archives enjoys a precious spiritual heritage of documents and books which all of them are used to reach the shared understanding. Returning to their own home, our Tanzanian friends will be tasked with teaching what they have learnt from this course to their colleagues. In the same way, given the Tanzania’s historical background, especially the British despotism and declaration of independence by Tanzanian people, they need to protect their own documents and keep them safe for their coming generations. To do so, we are ready to start interactions.” Broujerdi said. Declaring their satisfaction about the quality of trainings, the Tanzanian delegate asked for continuance of such courses and they also asked the National Library and Archives of Iran to help them in terms of providing tools and supplies.


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