Cypriot Ambassador to Tehran Meets NLAI


Attending the National Library and Archives of Iran, Petros T. Nacouzis, the Cypriot ambassador to Tehran, visited different departments of this organization and then met and talked with Ashraf Broujerdi, the Director of National Library and Archives of Iran. “The National Library and Archives of Iran Organization is composed of two important departments of library and documents which had been integrated since 2003. Besides trying to safeguard our cultural heritage and maintain millions copies of books and documents, we have paved the way for both growth and development of scientific foundations of both Iranology and Islamology. On the other hand, we are committed to bring about international communications in cultural field and to increased education of interactions related to maintaining books and documents, because today the cultural diplomacy may play more influential and effective role than the political one,” Broujerdi said in this meeting.

Petros T. Nacouzis & Ashraf Broujerdi

For his part, Petros T. Nacouzis, the Cypriot ambassador to Tehran, said, “In Cyprus, the national archives and national library are two separated entities. The former not only protects and maintains documents, but it also serves researchers to conduct their studies. The latter both maintains the resources and starts a good communication with the European councils.” Declaring their enthusiasm to sign any sort of MOU with the NLAI, he said, “Iran and Cyprus have many shared historical experiences, hence we can cooperate with each other in different fields. In a common cultural activity, we can provide a condition for the researchers to elicit a proper historical background of both countries using the historical references and documents.”


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