Republic of Lithuania’s Ambassador in Iran


Andrious Brouzga, Republic of Lithuania’s ambassador to Tehran, visited National Library and Archives of Iran on Nov. 27, 2018. On the sidelines of this visit, a common exhibition of paper-cutting art in association of Lithuania’s Folklore Artists Association was opened.

Speaking in the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Ashraf Broujerdi, the Director of NLAI said, “We are ready to start interaction and even exchanges in bibliographic and documentary information with various countries and certain events such as holding common gatherings and exhibitions in both countries would help people to be familiar with the other country’s culture, because we believe that the cultural diplomacy will find its place alongside the political diplomacy and would be effective as much as the latter. For his part, Andrious Brouzga, Republic of Lithuania’s ambassador to Tehran, said, “Since the National Library of Iran is an integrated entity of two important organizations, it plays a key and significant role, because it both needs to maintain works and to extend and promote the culture and information. So, it is a vital entity for the new generation which will make them familiar with the written works. Like Iran, Lithuania is an ancient land with a long history which finally found its independence after many years of occupation. The traditional language of this country has an Indo-European origin and is categorized as a branch of Sanskrit; so despite the fact that our script is Latin, but we have tried our best to safeguard our language in order to save our history. However, there is an ancient language which has become obsolete, but we are trying to revive and keep it over the time. The oldest ancient monuments of Lithuania date back to 16 and 17 centuries. It is necessary to maintain people’s language and tradition and this fair is an excuse to show just a corner of this culture to Iranian People.”


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