Higher Delegates of Iran and Oman Attend a Meeting


Hanieh Geraeeli, the General Manager of Public Relations and International Affairs Department of National Library and Archives of Iran, along with a higher delegate of authorities of various libraries of the Islamic Republic of Iran paid a visit to Sultanate of Oman on Oct. 13, 2018. In this meeting, Hanieh Geraeeli said, “The Documents Centers of all countries are the real heir of those countries’ identity and it is necessary to struggle to maintain and make available them for the researchers. In Iran, the national library and archives center are a single organization where more than 7 million and 500 thousand catalogued references are available for the clients, who are more than 1000 people/day in average.”

Elsewhere in her remarks, she pointed to activities of the National Library and Archives of Iran in the international arena and said, “NLAI is our nation’s historical memory, so a great effort is made to keep and promote it. The head of board of trustees of this organization is the President who appoints the director of the organization personally.”

Hamd Mohammad al-Zoyani, Director of National Documents and Archive Organization of Oman, referred to the history of historical and long-standing relations of his country with Iran and said, “Iran-Oman Relations indicates how deep the historical relations between two nations are and we are actually much honored to deepen Tehran-Muscat relations through strengthening the cultural and scientific relations.”


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